• RESTART Program

    RAA’s “RESTART Program” was specifically created to fit the needs of current Distressed Homeowners still facing foreclosure or former Homeowners experiencing the unfortunate circumstance of losing their home. The program is designed as a “return path to homeownership and equity building”. You can accomplish both now, without having to go through long waiting periods for Short Sales, Foreclosures or Bankruptcies to fall off your credit record.
  • Future Ownership

    The “RESTART Program” addresses the needs of many former Homeowners who are rapidly being priced out of the Market by rising prices and interest rates. It’s hard to sit on the sidelines and watch the Market get away from you and your family. It also poses financial difficulties to lose the tax benefits of homeownership and have to pay more income tax because you lack the tax deductions to offset your income. RESTART gets you back on the path right now!
  • Having Options

    Some Homeowners are still facing the challenges of owing far more on their loans than their home is worth in today’s Market in spite of increasing prices. Loan modification doesn’t lower the amount you owe on your loan, it simply defers it until later, then what? The “RESTART Program” gives you the potential of staying in your home, reducing your debt, and still building equity as prices rise. You have a new option that you might not have known existed before!
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 Program States

The RAA Program is starting in these States!:

Washington, California,

Arizona, Colorado,

Texas, Florida,

Illinois, Oregon,

Nevada, Georgia,

Virginia, Michigan,

Ohio, Minnesota,

Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

Who is “RESTART” for?:


HHomeowners Facing Foreclosure: Many Homeowner still face challenges in these bettering but still difficult economic times. The “RESTART Program” can help them stay in their home and enable them to buy it back!


Those Who Lost Their Homes to Foreclosure: Many who fell victim to previous difficult financial circumstances due to the economic downturn or got caught by illegal foreclosure practices and no longer own a home. Those who have gotten back on their feet and feel like they have to wait until their Credit no longer shows the Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy to get a loan.


Homeowners Who Still Owe Much More than Their Home is Worth: In spite of the upward trend in the Housing Market, some homeowners are still staring at very large mortgage balances. Far more than what their homes are worth. They face many years, a decade or more of being underwater before they can begin to build an Equity Nest Egg for themselves.